Never miss a Secret Flying Error Fare again!!


Never want to miss another error fare??
Follow these simple tips and you can be notified the moment Secret Flying post a new deal!!


1. Follow us on all social media platforms
We announce our flight deals on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+……and now Instagram!!
The more platforms you follow us on, the more likely you will see our posts.


2. Tick “Get Notifications” on Facebook
Did you know that only 16% of posts from Facebook pages feature on your News Feed??
Here’s an awesome trick to ensure you are notified every time Secret Flying post a cheap flight deal…

Visit our Facebook page here
Then once you’ve liked our page, click the “Liked” button again and click on “See First” and Notifications “All On”.

facebook see first


You will now receive a Facebook notification every time Secret Flying posts a new flight deal!!


3. Join our mailing list
We have set-up a really cool daily newsletter.
You can choose which deals you will like to be emailed about. For example, if you live in the United States and would like to only receive emails about flights departing North America, you can do that.

Complete the submission form on the upper-right side of the screen or click here to signup.


4. Engage in conversation
Tell all your friends and family about Secret Flying.
So if you ever miss a deal, at least there are many people who can alert you!!


Also, leave comments here on the Secret Flying website.
Build networks and learn a thing or two about finding cheap flight deals yourself. 

5. Visit us regularly
Simply, visit the USA DEALS and EURO DEALS pages as often as you can throughout the day.
We can post deals at any time so it’s best to keep checking back on the site!!


If you follow these 5 simple tips, you’ll never have to see the dreaded EXPIRED stamp again!!

  • Jamil Jivanjee

    This is brilliant! Thank you

  • emil

    an RSS fedd would be great…

    • conan

      You’re right – it is

      • emil

        heh… i didn’t find it
        many thanks 🙂

      • u s

        I’m trying to add that feed address to IFTTT, and it’s saying “Not a valid feed url, missing title”

        Any ideas?