Ryanair to charge for online check-in


Ryanair will soon charge for online check-in if made more than four days before departure.


Ryanair will be charging passengers £6 each to check-in more than four days before flights. This means holidaymakers spending more than 4 days abroad, will need to check-in online and print their boarding pass during their trip, to avoid the fee. The change comes into force on 1st November 2016. 


The change applies to both new and existing bookings. Those with existing bookings who are unwilling to accept the change, are allowed to cancel their reservation free of charge. The new rule contradicts Ryanair’s “Always Getting Better” slogan – as well as recent efforts to improve its no-frills reputation.


Ryanair’s, Kenny Jacobs said: “From 1st November, we’re offering those customers who wish to reserve seats more time to choose their preferred seat, by reducing the check-in window from 7 to 4 days pre-departure for those customers who prefer a random seat.

“Customers who do not wish to reserve their seat will be able to check-in between 4 days and 2 hours ahead of their departure, using both the Ryanair.com website and Ryanair mobile app, and will continue to be randomly allocated a seat, free of charge.”


Although it is possible to check-in via the Ryanair smartphone app and receive a mobile boarding pass, not all airports accept them.  A passenger travelling to one of these destinations will have to find a printer whilst abroad to print their boarding pass.


There is a £45 charge per person for passengers who check-in at the airport.