British Airways to remove reclining seats for economy passengers


British Airways is planning to introduce economy seats that cannot recline on short-haul flights.


British Airways Economy Class passengers on short-haul flights will soon no longer be able to recline their seats.


A new fleet of aircraft based at London’s Heathrow Airport will be installed with the non-reclining seats.


BA will fit the fixed “gentle recline”  seats on its new fleet of 35 Airbus A320neos and A321neos, which will come into service later this year.


A BA spokesperson confirmed that the cabins of all of their existing A320 and A321 aircraft will be refurbished and the new slim-line seats will be rolled out over the next five years.


Critics claim this is further evidence that this once great airline is quickly turning itself into a low-cost carrier.


Last year, British Airways reduced its in-flight meals offering on its short-haul flights for economy passengers. It now offers paid-for snacks from Marks & Spencer, a major British multinational retailer.


The airline is now “reviewing” whether to continue selling duty-free items on short-haul flights.


In response to the criticism, British Airways says these moves will allow them to “be more competitive” and “offer more low fares” to customers.