Cyprus will pay you back for your vacation if you catch coronavirus there

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Cyprus to cover costs for infected tourists.


Cyprus has pledged to cover costs for anyone who tests positive for the coronavirus while vacationing on the Mediterranean island.


In an attempt to restore the tourism industry, the Cypriot government says it will payΒ pay for travellers’ accommodation, food, drink and medication.


However, tourists will have to pay for their own flight home.


To be eligible for the refund, travellers will need to first test negative for the virus within 72 hours of arriving in Cyprus.


“The hit is massive, and we are trying to do our best now and do what we can for the remainder of the season. We have worked extremely hard to keep the virus in check here,”Β tourism minister Savvas Perdios said on Wednesday.


The island will also be providing a “Covid-19 hospital” with 100 beds exclusively for foreign visitors.


Additionally, ‘quarantine hotels’ with a total of 500 rooms will be available to those who come in close contact with an infected person.


Cyprus plans to reopen its airports on June 9 to a number of countries that are seen as low risk, including Germany, Greece and Malta.


The country has 939 infections and 17 deaths.