German court rules Kuwait Airways can refuse Israeli passengers

German court rules Kuwait Airways can refuse Israeli passengers | Secret Flying

A German court has ruled that Kuwaiti Airways was within its rights to refuse to carry an Israeli citizen.


On Thursday, a German court ruled that Kuwait Airways has the right to refuse to carry an Israeli passenger due to his nationality.


The Frankfurt state court said the airline was merely respecting the laws of Kuwait, a country that does not recognise the state of Israel.


The court said it was not up to them to rule on Kuwaiti law.


Germany’s anti-discrimination law applies only in cases of discrimination on the basis of race, ethnic background or religion, not nationality.


The passenger had booked a flight travelling from Frankfurt to Bangkok, with a layover in Kuwait City.


After Kuwait Airways discovered that he was travelling on an Israeli passport, the airline cancelled the man’s booking and offered to re-book him with another airline.Β Refusing, the man sued the airline for discrimination.


Nathan Gelbart, the lawyer representing the Israeli, called the German court’s ruling a “shameful verdict for democracy and for Germany in general”.


“This verdict cannot stand,” he said.


At present, a total of 31 United Nations member states do not recognise the State of Israel, largely in part ofΒ Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem – land the Palestinians claim for a future state.


The Israeli settlements, built on occupied land, are considered illegal under international law.