$260,000 USD Stolen from Passenger During Emirates Flight

$260,000 USD Stolen from Passenger During Emirates Flight | Secret Flying

Emirates passenger loses $260,000 USD in mid-air theft.


A 39-year-old, Turkish watch merchant supposedly had $260,000 USD in cash and valuables stolen from his hand luggage during his Dubai to Hong Kong flight with Emirates. Reports indicate, $200,000 USD cash and two luxury watches (a Rolex and a Patek Philippe) went missing.


The passenger, who was flying in Economy Class, had placed his bag in the overhead compartment for the duration of the flight. The passenger only realised about the theft after disembarking the plane at Hong Kong International Airport. He then requested assistance from airline staff, shortly before notifying police at approximately 6am Monday morning.

The police are treating this case as a theft. No arrests have been made.


Despite Hong Kong experiencing a rise in theft cases on flights to the city, this is believed to be the biggest so far.

Earlier in the year, South African Airways has blacklisted a passenger amid reports that gangs of thieves were operating on their flights.