Alaska Airlines giving priority boarding to passengers holding a Starbucks holiday cup

Alaska Airlines will offer priority boarding to those with a Starbucks holiday cup.


This weekend, all passengers travelling with a Starbucks holiday cup will get priority boarding with Alaska Airlines.


The promotion between the two Seattle-based companies began yesterday and ends Sunday (7-11 Nov).


However, cup holders won’t be the first on the plane – First Class and mileage plan members (Group A) will continue to get first priority.


Passengers holding a Starbucks holiday cup will be placed in Group B, meaning they will be next to board.


According to the airline, no beverage is required to be inside the cups.


Alaska also announced that some passengers on select flights may find some Starbucks goodies on their seats.


The promotion comes a day after Starbucks released their new selection of holiday cups, which come in four designs: Merry Stripes, Polka Dots, Merry Dance and Candy Cane Stripe.