American Airlines passenger arrested for ‘trying to break into the cockpit’ of Philadelphia flight

Man arrested on American Airlines flight.


A maskless passenger on an American Airlines flight from Orlando to Philadelphia was arrested on Thursday after he allegedly tried to break into the cockpit.


CBS in Philadelphia reported that the unnamed man attempted to break the door mid-flight whilst also makingΒ  “alarming” statements and acting “erratic.”


However, other accounts say he did not even pass the first class cabin.


After failing to reach the cockpit, the passenger apparently ran back to his seat where he remained for the rest of the flight.


According to NBC, another passenger heard the man tell the flight attendant: “I didn’t do anything … I just wanted to talk to him,” referring to the captain.


He was also quoted as saying: “‘Where’s my parachute?'”


No emergency landing was performed and so the man was taken into custody when the plane landed safely in Philadelphia.


In a statement,Β American Airlines said: “While on approach into Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), the crew onboard flight 2392 traveling from Orlando (MCO) became aware of a customer exhibiting erratic behavior.


“The cabin crew took precautionary measures and monitored the customer who remained seated for the remainder of the flight. Upon arrival at the gate, Philadelphia Police met the aircraft and placed the individual in custody.”