Barcelona, Spain to Chengdu, China for only Β£279 Return (London exit possible)

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Fly from Barcelona, SpainΒ to Chengdu, China for only Β£279Β return with British Airways!!


You can depart from other Spanish cities for a similar prices.


On some dates, there is a 14-hour overnight layover inΒ London on the return journey. For those of you living in the UK, you can simply ask for your bags to be sent to London when checking-in for your inbound flight in Chengdu. Because of the very long layover, the check-in assistance will definitely grant your request. Then simply collect your bags, exit the airport and go home when you arrive atΒ Heathrow.
Of course, never inform the airline that you do not plan on getting the London-Barcelona flight.


Barcelona, Spain


Chengdu, China


Barcelona, Spain
London, UK
(by exiting early)


Availability fromΒ January to MarchΒ 2016

Example dates:
14th-20th Jan
19th-25th Jan
19th-27th Jan
26th Jan – 1st Feb
2nd-10th Feb
4th-10th Feb
9th-15th Feb
16th-24th Feb
23rd Feb – 2nd Mar
3rd-9th Mar
10th-16th Mar

and more…




British Airways





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