HOT!! Non-stop from Bergen, Norway to Newburgh, USA for only €166 roundtrip (& vice versa for $188)

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Non-stop flights from Bergen, Norway to Newburgh, USA for only €166 roundtrip.

Also works in reverse (for $188 roundtrip).


Bergen, Norway


Newburgh, USA


Bergen, Norway


Availability fromΒ September to October 2019


The Norwegian website conveniently provides the prices in a monthly view, so there is no need for a list of example dates from us.
Simply click the β€œLavpriskalenderen” button on the Norwegian site.
However, do NOT purchase on the NorwegianΒ website. Simply find the cheap dates, then purchase on the Skyscanner GO TO DEAL button below.
Skyscanner OTAs price these flights cheaper.




Norwegian Air Shuttle




Allow the search to complete, then click an OTA to view the advertised price.
Use Google Chrome to translate the booking site if needed.
Booking currency is in NOK:


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