Boeing Reveal the World’s Largest Twin-engine Jetliner

Boeing Reveal the World’s Largest Twin-engine Jetliner | Secret Flying

Boeing reveal plans to build the world’s biggest twin-engine jetliner.


The Boeing 777X will be so big it will feature a hinged wing which will fold when taxiing between the terminal and the runway. The huge wingspan, which measures 235 feet, the largest in Boeing’s portfolio, would otherwise be too big to fit in many airports. The hinged wingtips alone measure 12 feet!!


These giant, curved wings, made of carbon-fibre reinforced polymer, will give the aircraft extra lift, saving fuel. This material has proved its worth on the 787 Dreamliner, as it has a higher strength-to-weight ratio compared to conventional aircraft materials.


Boeing insist the 777-9X will be 12% more fuel efficient than the Airbus A350-100, yet will seat 34 more passengers (400 in the 777X compared to 366 in the A350).

Economy passengers can enjoy an 18-inch seat width thanks to the wider “enhanced” interior designed cabin, whilst the windows will be 15% larger than competing airliners.


Although the Boeing 777X has been in the works for some time, Boeing finally announced the “largest twin-engine jet in the world” has finalised the aircraft’s capabilities and basic design. Production will likely begin in 2017.


The following airlines have already placed orders for this revolutionary aircraft, with Emirates ordering a whopping 150:

Emirates: 150
Qatar Airways: 60
Etihad Airways: 25
Cathay Pacific: 21
All Nippon Airways: 20
Lufthansa: 20


This is one aircraft we’ll all be looking forward to seeing on the runway.