VIDEO: British tourists in Spain ignore lockdown singing to police ‘we’ve all got the virus, na na na na!’

Video shows British tourists taunting police in Benidorm.


British tourists have been filmed singing ‘we’ve all got the virus, na na na na!’ and taunting police in Benidorm, Spain as they ignore the lockdown restrictions.


In a video posted online, a group of about 50 British holidaymakers, some topless, others holding cans of beer, can be seen roaming the streets in Benidorm’s Levante Beach area.


Sirens can be heard in the background as members of the group begin to sing to police who are urging them to go indoors.


‘We’ve all got the virus, na na na na!’ some of the crowd sing together.


According to reports, police reinforcements arrived, eventually managing to herd the boozy group indoors.


Spain has the highest number of cases in Europe behind Italy.


The country has declared a 15-day state of emergency, with residents banned from leaving their homes except to buy food, go to the hospital, work or help an elderly person.