China Airlines to be rebranded….most likely to Taiwan Airlines

Taiwan parliament votes to rename airline.


Taiwan’s parliament passed a proposal Wednesday to rebrand the island’s largest carrier China Airlines.


Taiwanese legislators pushed for the changeΒ to better represent the airline’s image on an international stage and preventΒ confusion that it is based in the People’s Republic of China.


In addition to the name change,Β the livery of the aircraft would also be changed to better reflect Taiwan.


“The ministry should make CAL more identifiable internationally with Taiwanese images to protect Taiwan’s national interests as overseas it is mistaken for a Chinese airline,” parliament speaker Yu Shyi-kun said while reading out the proposal.


This is not the first time Taiwan has looked into rebranding the airline, however, the movement received fresh impetus during the coronavirus pandemic.


With Taiwan sending Covid-19 medical aid overseas in China Airlines planes, many incorrectly perceived the aid was sent from theΒ People’s Republic of China.


The motion did not set a timeline for when the rebranding will take place, saying it would require further discussion.


Beijing views Taiwan as its territory, claiming that “reunification” is inevitable and that it would never tolerate Taiwan’s independence.


According to the island’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu,Β China is stepping up military preparedness to overtake TaiwanΒ following a recent spike of Chinese drills near the territory.