First Class ONE-WAY Flight from Jfk-lax $257

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You can also fly from New York to San Francisco for $261 on theΒ 27th December 2014.







You can fly with Virgin America one-way fromΒ New York to Los Angeles in FirstΒ Class for only $257.

It consists of a clever little trick called “Hidden City” ticketing.
The actual flight is JFK-LAX-DAL. However, nothing is stopping you from exiting the airport at LAX during your layover.
If you searched for a direct JFK-LAX flight, you will find fares more than double the price!!

Dates are available just before Christmas (21st December 2014).


We strongly recommend you do NOT check-in any bags. Virgin America willΒ not assist you in abandoning the route half-way.
This is best done when you only have a carry-on bag.


New York, USA


Los Angeles, USA


21st December 2014


Virgin America




Scroll down right to the bottom in the new window to see the fare:




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