FUEL DUMP: Amazing 3x strike dumps South East Asia to Europe

FUEL DUMP: Amazing 3x strike dumps South East Asia to Europe | Secret Flying

Welcome to another of Secret Flying’s Fuel Dumps.

We provide hints to the best working fuel dumps.
You can then try and find theΒ strike using theΒ Secret Flying Fuel Dumping Tool.


If you would rather not spend time using the FD Tool, you can now pay for FAST TRACK to gain access to an eBook that reveals the strike details (see bottom of this article).


If you do not know what Fuel Dumping is, please readΒ Fuel Dumping: the basics
This article is strictly for educational purposes only. Should you choose to book a fuel dumped ticket, Secret Flying bears no responsibility whatsoever.


This week’s Fuel Dump is from South East Asia to Europe.
By using a 3x strike, you can remove almostΒ ALL of the ticket’s fuel surcharge:


 Flight deal ticket image.


In our image, you can see that by adding a 3x strike, the roundtrip price of the flight from Singapore to Paris drops by over half!!

The fuel surcharge component on the ticket is dumped.


Notice we have removed the main flight’s airline logo from the ticket image.
The reason we have done this is to prevent the airline from easily noticing it is their flight that’s being dumped. This will allow this fuel dump to remain working for longer.


The beauty of a 3x strike is that it takes placeΒ AFTERΒ the main dumped flight and so does not have to be flown.


Currently, Singapore seems to be the only departure city this dump works on.
In regards to destinations, this dump works to other European cities e.g. Copenhagen is similarly priced to Paris. Vienna is around $370.
All prices mentioned on this page are in USD.


 Flight deal ticket image.


Availability is from January to October 2024 (excluding summer dates).
The cheapest and easiest months to find are March and April 2024.


Even if you are not based in South East Asia and do not find this dumped route useful, it is still in your best interest to know what the 3x strike is.
This is because the same strikes often work on different airlines and different routes around the world (as many of you saw in our previous Fuel Dump posts).
This 3x strike may dump a USA or a Canada to Europe route next month, so it’s worth having an arsenal of strikes in your possession.


Before using theΒ Secret Flying Fuel Dumping ToolΒ to find the 3x strike, we recommend you first find the DUMPABLE candidate flight.
Without knowing the candidate fare, it will be harder for you to find the dump on the tool – seeΒ here.
REMEMBER: The 3x strike can be anywhere in the world. It typically takes a lot of time and effort to find yourself

Happy hunting!!






Don’t want to waste time using the FD Tool to find the Fuel Dump? No problem.
You can have all the details of this 3x Fuel Dump revealed to you in our eBook for only $49.25


That includes the 3x strike, working example dates (subject to seat availability), and some of the different routes this Fuel Dump works on.


This Fuel Dump is one of the best available as you can fly from South East Asia to Europe for less than half price with a 3x strike.
This dump shaves hundreds of dollars off the ticket per passenger so $49.25 is very well worth the price.