Hong Kong Airport cancels all flights as mass protests escalate


Hong Kong Airport has announced that all flights out of the city have been cancelled.


All flights out of Hong Kong have been cancelled for Monday after thousands of anti-government protesters occupied the airport terminal building.


Incoming flights are reportedly also being diverted or cancelled.


Demonstrators flooded into one of the world’s busiest airports holding signs reading “Hong Kong is not safe” and “Don’t blame us. Blame the Gov.”


Some passengers arrived at the airport to find no Cathay Pacific staff anywhere in the terminal.


Rumours spread among protesters that riot police were to conduct a clearance operation later in the evening.


According to reports, one protester had her right eye ruptured caused by a bean bag round fired by police.


The Hong Kong protests were sparked by the now-shelved extradition bill which would have allowed the transfer of fugitives to mainland China.


Currently, as a special administrative region, Hong Kong is distinct from mainland China and maintains a separate governing and legal system under the “one country, two systems” principle.