Las Vegas airport offers weed disposal bins for travellers

Las Vegas airport offers weed disposal bins for travellers | Secret Flying

Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport has installed bins outside the terminal building so passengers can dispose of their marijuana before taking their flight.


Tourists leaving Sin City can now dump their leftoverΒ marijuanaΒ before going through security atΒ Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport.


Although both recreational and medical marijuana is legal in the state of Nevada, it is still against federal law, and therefore, illegal to bring on a plane.


β€œMarijuana is not allowable anywhere inside the buildings, be it pre- or post-security,” airport spokeswoman Christine Crews said.


The airport has installed ten green “amnesty boxes” located outside the terminal building, so people can ditch their leftover drugs.


The boxes, which are bolted to the ground, will be emptied once a week by a contracting firm, not the police.


Similar boxes were installed in airports in the state of Colorado after they legalised marijuana in 2012.


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