New Heathrow Airport scanners mean liquids can stay in your bag

3D scanners at London’s Heathrow Airport mean liquids and laptops won’t have to be removed at security.


Passengers will no longer need to remove liquids and laptops from their hand luggage at Heathrow Airport after new security scanners are installed.


The airport is spending £50 million on the 3D scanners in the hope to to slash queue times at the UK’s busiest airport.


Using the same technology as CT scanners in hospitals, the new equipment will allow security officers to be able see inside bags in much greater detail.


However, the technology won’t alter the 100ml limit on liquids.


Heathrow chief operations officer, Chris Garton, said: “This cutting-edge kit will not only keep the airport safe with the latest technology, but will mean that our future passengers can keep their focus on getting on with their journeys and less time preparing for security screening.”


Heathrow airport has been testing the scanners since 2017 and expects to roll them out across its 5 terminals by 2022.