XMAS & NEW YEAR: Many USA cities to Manchester, UK from only $446 roundtrip

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Christmas and New Year flights from many US cities to Manchester, UKΒ from only $446 roundtrip withΒ United and Lufthansa.


Depart from:
Tampa: $446
Fort Lauderdale: $447
Memphis: $447
New Orleans: $450
Detroit: $455
Charlotte: $457
San Diego: $450
Pittsburgh: $450
St. Louis: $451
Dallas: $451
San Antonio: $459
Sacramento: $459
Austin: $467
Phoenix: $471
Salt Lake City: $477
Honolulu: $512

Most of the example dates listed below work for all departure cities.


Tampa/Fort Lauderdale/Memphis/New Orleans/Detroit/Charlotte/San Diego/Pittsburgh/St. Louis/Dallas/San Antonio/Sacramento/Austin/Phoenix/Salt Lake City/Honolulu, USA


Manchester, UK


(same as DEPART)


Limited availability fromΒ December 2016 to JanuaryΒ 2017

Example dates:
25th Dec – 5th Jan
25th Dec – 6th Jan

More dates are available for approximately $15 more:
19th Dec – 5th Jan

19th Dec – 6th Jan
20th Dec – 5th Jan

20th Dec – 6th Jan
22nd Dec – 5th Jan

22nd Dec – 6th Jan

possibly more…


New York/Frankfurt


United Airlines




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