Romanian cities to Tel Aviv, Israel from only €26 roundtrip (& vice versa from $27 USD) (members only)

Flight deals from Romanian cities to Tel Aviv, Israel | Secret Flying
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Non-stop flightsΒ from Romanian cities to Tel Aviv, Israel from only €26 roundtrip.

Also works in reverse (from $27 USD roundtrip).


Please note, to get the advertised price you must be a member of the Wizz Discount Club.


Craiova/Timisoara/Lasi, Romania


Tel Aviv, Israel


Craiova/Timisoara/Lasi, Romania


Availability fromΒ June 2018 to January 2019 (excluding summer and Christmas/New Year)


The Wizz AirΒ website allows you to search each week with a single click so there is no need for a list of example dates from us.




Wizz Air




Booking currency is in RON or ILS depending on departure country:


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