Seattle judge blocks Trump’s immigration ban nationwide

Seattle judge blocks Trump’s immigration ban nationwide | Secret Flying

A federal judge in Seattle has temporarily blocked President Trump’s executive order banning travel toΒ the US from seven Muslim-majority countries.


US District Judge James Robart, who was appointed by former President George W. Bush in 2003,Β ruled that MrΒ Trump’s ban on travellers from seven mainly Muslim nations last week was unconstitutional. As a result, theΒ executive order has been blocked nationwide.


US Customs and Border Protection have alerted airlines worldwide that the US will quickly begin reinstating visas that were previously cancelled.


They have alsoΒ advised Qatar Airways, among other airlines, that they can board travellers from any of the previously banned countries.Β A Qatar Airways spokeswoman confirmed the airline would start accepting all passengers with valid travel documents.


The Trump administration, whoΒ say the order is designed to protect the US, is expected to appeal against the ruling as soon as possible.Β President Donald Trump has vowed that the travel ban will be restored.