Singapore passport now the world’s ‘most powerful’


The Singapore passport is now the most powerful in the world, after Paraguay removed visa requirements for its citizens.


For the first time, Singapore is the single most powerful passport in the world, holding a a visa-free score of 159.


By removing visa requirements for Singaporeans, Paraguay helped Singapore edge out Germany for the top spot.


Singapore passport holders can now easily visit 159 countries around the world.


The Passport Index tabulates the number of countries that holders of passports can enter either visa-free or by gaining a visa on arrival.


Meanwhile, since President Trump took office, the US passport has fallen to joint-sixth alongside Malaysian, Irish and Canadian passports.


The drop in rank was due to Turkey and the Central African Republic recently revoking visa-free status to US citizens.


Highest ranking:
1. Singapore
2. Germany
3. Sweden, South Korea
4. Denmark, Finland, Italy, France, Spain, Norway, Japan, UK
5. Luxembourg, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Portugal
6. Malaysia, Ireland, USA, Canada
7. Greece, New Zealand, Australia
8. Malta, Czech Republic, Iceland
9. Hungary
10. Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia


Lowest ranking:
85. South Sudan
86. Palestinian Territories, Ethiopia
87. Eritrea, North Korea
88. Lebanon, Libya
89. Sri Lanka, Nepal, Iran, Sudan
90. Bangladesh, Yemen
91. Somalia
92. Syria
93. Pakistan, Iraq
94. Afghanistan