Stroopwafels to make comeback on United Airlines flights

United Airlines is bringing the Dutch stroopwafel back into its snack rotation on all domestic flights.


The much-loved Stroopwafel is returning to the air.


Last June, United Airlines announced that it was axing one of its more beloved morning options.


Sharing their disappointment on social media, fans were clearly not happy.


But in a turn around many months later, United Airlines announced the Stroopwafel is coming back.



“We’re starting 2019 on a sweet note — the stroopwafel will be back in the snack rotation starting in January!” the caption reads.


The treat can be placed on top of a hot drink allowing the steam to soften the cookie to reveal its melted caramel centre.


Stroopwafels are popular in the Netherlands, and were first made in the city of Gouda.