Study finds Frontier and Spirit are most likely to bump you

Frontier Airlines and Spirit Airlines are most likely to bump you according to a new study.


A new study has found that you are twice as likely to get bumped if you’re flying with Frontier or Spirit than any other US airline.


The study, carried out by the website Upgraded Points, looked at the number of involuntarily denied boardings for 2018.


Frontier Airlines bumped 6.28 passengers per 100,000 people, a total of 1,219.


Spirit came in second at 5.57 passengers per 100,000 (1,529 total).


Although the rate of involuntary denied boardings has been on a decline in recent years, the worldwide grounding of the Boeing 737 Max aircraft has led to a spike in passengers being bumped.


American Airlines topped the list in number of bumps, with 2,614. However, the world’s largest airline handled more passengers than any other US carrier, keeping their rates per 100,000 relatively low.


According to the study, Delta Air Lines bumped the fewest people per 100,000 passengers last year, with a rate of only 0.02.