SUMMER REVIEW: Secret Flying’s top 10 US cities for cheap flights

SUMMER REVIEW: Secret Flying’s top 10 US cities for cheap flights | Secret Flying

Here are the top US cities for cheap flights.


The Secret Flying team worked tirelessly this summer finding you the cheapest flight deals online.


In the months of July and August only, we posted over 2,800 flight deals departing from all corners of the world.


Unlike other flight deal websites, we have a reputation of only publishing very cheap flights and maintain that high standard across our FREE service.


It’s worth noting that when it comes to finding cheap flights, geography matters, leading to some cities seeing more frequent deals than others.


With all the Secret Flying deals published this summer, we have collected the data and sorted it based on departure airport/cities.


We can now rank US cities based on their cheap flights.


Here are the results:


10. Atlanta

Atlanta comes in at number 10 on our list.


On average, we typically we find a cheap flight deal departingΒ Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport every couple of days.


Although it’s not the cheapest US city to fly out from, there are many Central America and Caribbean deals to be had.


Airlines rarely discount flights from Atlanta to Europe to the same degree as other US cities (as you’ll see in this list), however, you can often fly in the $300’s to amazing destinations like Paris, Rome and Barcelona.


9. Houston


Houston, Texas has similar traits to Atlanta.


Just like how ATL is a major hub for Delta, Houston’sΒ George Bush Intercontinental Airport is one for United Airlines.


Flights from Houston to Central America can be incredibly cheap, with Secret Flying often publishing deals to Guatemala and Honduras in the low $100’s.


Because Houston is located centrally in the United States, you can often find very cheap flights to both east and west coast cities.


However, like Atlanta, flights to Europe rarely hit the rock bottom prices that other US cities enjoy.


Look out for the random cheap deals to exotic destinations in Asia and Africa.


8. Philadelphia


Flights departing Philadelphia International Airport frequently feature on Secret Flying.


As an American Airlines hub, the airport often boasts cheap, non-stop flights to popular cities across Europe.


Philadelphia’s proximity to Toronto means it can benefit from Air Canada’s hub and connect to many destinations worldwide for cheap.


It’s important to remember that Philadelphia is only a 1 hour 40 minute drive from New York City. To ensure you make the greatest savings, it’s always worth watching out for flights departing nearby airports.


Download our FREE app and register to receive alerts departing both Philadelphia and New York to ensure you never miss out.


7. Miami


Over the summer months, we published more than a deal per day of flights departingΒ Miami International Airport.


This American Airlines hub is the carrier’s main connection point to anything south of the US.


This means those residing in Miami can often enjoy cheap, non-stop, short-haul flights to gorgeous Caribbean islands.


Super cheap deals from Miami to places like St. Lucia, Barbados, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico regularly feature on Secret Flying.


One-way flights for only $68 are quite common.


In addition, American Airlines often publish super cheap, non-stop fares to Europe.


Our deal of the summer departing Miami was a non-stop flight to Munich, Germany for only $287 roundtrip with American Airlines.


6. Washington DC/Baltimore


The Washington DC and Baltimore area has three major airports –Β Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, Dulles International Airport andΒ Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport.


The great thing about this is that it increases the likelihood of finding a cheap flight.


A lot of cheap deals comprise of departing from one airport and returning to another e.g. depart DCA and return to BWI.


This can seem a little inconvenient for those who like to drive and park their car at the airport, however, these types of deals allow you to save hundreds of dollars per flight.


Look out for our occasional deals to South America, including Bolivia, Peru and Brazil.


With over 50 different airlines flying into these airports, competition is fierce, leading to very competitive prices.


5. San Francisco


The deal hunters at Secret Flying are always finding very cheap flights departing San Francisco.


This is essentially United Airline’s gateway to Asia and Oceania.


Flights from pretty much anywhere in the US to Pacific Islands easily exceed $1000. Not from SFO though.


San Francisco often sees many cheap flights to Fiji, the Cook Islands and even Tonga.


Over the summer, Secret Flying published a non-stop deal from San Francisco to Tahiti for only $541 roundtrip.


Cheap fares to Japan, Thailand and Singapore also often pop up.


We know what you’re thinking: “So flights to Europe must be expensive because it’s so far .”




All the major North American airlines often put San Francisco to Europe on sale.


There is so much competition out of this airport that Secret Flying regularly publish deals to Europe in the $200’s.


Our deal of the summer is one of those –Β San Francisco to Paris, France for only $269 roundtrip with American Airlines.


4. Boston


The largest airport in New England, Boston Logan International Airport regularly features in US-wide sales.


Secret Flying always has a super cheap Boston to Europe deal going on – like our deal of the summer listed above.


Bostonians can also often fly for cheap to many destinations in Africa and the Middle-East, ranging from Zanzibar to Tel Aviv.


Additionally. flights to East Asia, particularly China, can often fall to the mid $300’s area.


Flights to Latin America and the Caribbean are almost always on sale.


The take home message here is that prices out of Boston get ridiculously low for destinations all around the world.


3. Chicago


Like Houston, Chicago’s location on the map allows it to provide cheap flights to both US coasts.


Cities like Miami, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Washington DC, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland and Los Angeles are typically very cheap from here.


And becauseΒ O’Hare International Airport is a hub for both American Airlines and United, these cheap deals are usually non-stop.


Chicago consistently has the cheapest deals to East Asia, compared to any other US departure city.


United Airlines and All Nippon Airways often feature on the same ticket to destinations like Thailand, China, Singapore and Japan.


It seems that whenever we find an Error Fare departing from many US cities, Chicago is almost always included. For example, thisΒ US cities to Auckland, New Zealand from only $247 roundtrip.


You definitely don’t want to miss out on one of those types of deals. Our FREE app provides instant alerts when we publish an Error Fare.


2. Los Angeles


Los Angeles International Airport is one of the cheapest airports to fly out of in the world.


Four major US carriers use LAX as a hub, accounting for over 1,500 flight departures per day.


Los Angeles is also a focus city for Air New Zealand, Qantas, Norwegian, Southwest Airlines, Allegiant and Volaris.


It’s no surprise then that every single day, Secret Flying publishes more than two flight deals departing LAX.


Expect to see incredible deals to destinations all around the world.


Exotic destinations like the Maldives can be found for only $366 roundtrip.


1. New York


New York takes our top spot on the list.


In a period of only two months over the summer, Secret Flying published a staggering 235 flight deals departing New York.


This city is probably the most competitive in the world for flight prices.


Whether you want to fly to Europe, Africa, South America or Asia, there is always an attractive flight deal available on our website.


In regards to Error Fares, JFK Airport is Secret Flying’s most common departure point, like this New York to Tel Aviv, Israel for only $269 roundtripΒ deal from last month.


We strongly recommend New Yorkers download the FREE Secret Flying app and subscribe to NY flights.


Not forgetting…


There are many more US cities that see incredible flight deals each day that didn’t make our top 10.


These include Dallas, Seattle, Charlotte, Denver, Portland, Phoenix, Minneapolis, Detroit and Las Vegas.