VIDEO: Chemical engineer fired by GlaxoSmithKline after using the N-word on American Airlines plane

VIDEO: Chemical engineer fired by GlaxoSmithKline after using the N-word on American Airlines plane | Secret Flying

Man goes on racist & homophobic rant before namedropping his employer.


A man has been fired by his company after name-dropping his employer in a homophobic and racist rant whilst on an American Airlines flight.


Zachary Easterly was flying from Philadelphia to Dallas on Tuesday when he became agitated after he was asked to leave the plane prior to takeoff, as he had reportedly acted inappropriately towards the woman in the seat next to him.


In a video posted online, Easterly can be seen yelling at a black flight attendant who had asked him to deplane.


“Obviously ‘cause I’m a white man I’m gonna pick the black bag because I’m racist. You’re kicking me off the f***** plane because I’m racist. I didn’t do anything,” he yells as he searches for his backpack.


After being reunited with his bag, he proceeds to say that its “a better bag than most of y’all can afford’ before calling everyone else on the flight a “liberal f*****” and hopes they “crash the f*****g plane”.


Easterly went on to say that he was a chemical engineer for GlaxoSmithKline, referring to it using a homophobic slur and mentioning that he was planning to leave the company.


In another video, this time posted by TMZ, Easterly can be seen repeatedly shouting the N-word at the people around him as he is escorted off of the plane and back into the terminal.


He tells the manager he’s got “10 times your IQ” before calling out the racist slur multiple times towards black employees.


When other passengers in the terminal confront Easterly for his racist remarks, he tells them that he’ll “put out my pistol and kill your f*****g family” and “I’ll slit your f*****g throat!”


At one point, two men brawl with Easterly as they scrap on the floor.


Philadelphia police have not confirmed whether Easterly was arrested or not, but they are investigating.


The London-based pharmaceutical giant, GlaxoSmithKline, released a statement condemning the engineer’s remarks as “reprehensible” and not reflecting the company’s culture.


“At GSK, diversity, equity and inclusion is embraced and celebrated and we are committed in policy, principle and practice to maintaining an environment which prohibits discriminatory behavior and provides equal opportunity for all persons,” the statement continued.


GSK confirmed easterly was fired from his position with the company.