VIDEO: Mother loses wig during fight with Spirit Airlines agents over baggage fees

VIDEO: Mother loses wig during fight with Spirit Airlines agents over baggage fees | Secret Flying

Brawl erupts between Spirit Airlines agents and passengers over denied luggage.


Spirit Airlines agents traded blows with unruly passengers at Philadelphia International Airport as a fight broke out over baggage fees.


In a video posted online, a mother and daughter, who were travelling to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, can be seen swiping at Spirit Airlines gate agents near the entrance to the jet bridge.


The daughter grabs the dreadlocks of one of the Spirit Airlines staffers, prompting another staff to slap her on the back of the head and yell for her to “get off.”


The woman eventually lets go, after which the Spirit Airlines agent punches her several times in the face, even as the girl was being restrained by others.


The mother, who somehow loses her shirt and shoes in the brawl, continues to battle with the gate staff before having her wig fall off. A bystander could be heard in the background of the video asking “where the f*** is security?”


At one stage, a little boy, believed to be part of the same family, starts hitting a Spirit employee before running away in tears and sinking to his knees.


Just as the brawl appears to fizzle out, the mother makes a dash towards the counter and grabs a keyboard but is dragged away and punched in the head from behind.


The fight goes on for over two minutes before a uniformed official, either a cop or airport security, brings it to an end.


Police confirmed the incident and said they spoke to all involved but have not made any arrests.


“On Monday, 30 January, 2023, at approximately 7:29 P.M. police received information that several passengers were pulling apart a 24-year-old female complainant and a 17-year-old female along with her 39-year-old mother during an argument over additional baggage fees,” a statement said.


“At this time, the 17 year old female attempted to access Jetway and was halted by the 24-year-old complainant when she was punched/hair pulled by the 17-year-old female being assisted by her 39-year-old mother.”


The statement goes on to say that a “24-year-old female sustained a minor eyelid laceration” and that “all participants were advised by police in reference to private criminal complaint documentation.”


A passenger who witnessed the fight told The Daily Mail they were shocked at “how violent” the fight got and “how long it went on for.”