VIDEO: Southwest passengers cheer as woman ‘refusing face mask’ thrown off flight

Dancing and cheering as couple kicked off plane.


A video posted on TikTok showsΒ many passengers clapping and cheering after a couple is escorted off a Southwest Airlines for allegedly refusing to wear face masks.


In the clip, captioned “#karen”, a woman can be seen at the front of the plane arguing with a flight attendant about wearing her mask.


“It’s better to get off,” a man mutters in the background while the ‘rule-breaking’ woman, who is wearing a mask in the clip, denies she refused to cover her face.


“You’re saying I didn’t comply and put my mask on when you asked me to?” she asks. “Are you seriously telling them that I didn’t put my mask on when you asked me to?”


Other passengers begin heckling the woman, suggesting they agreed with the cabin crew’s version of events.


As the woman accuses a flight attendant of lying, other passengers on the plane begin heckling her.


“Bye,” shouts one person.Β “Get off the plane,” yells another. “That’s what happens when you don’t say you’re sorry,” someone else can be heard saying.


“You! Are! A liar,” she screams, but her protests are quickly drowned out by boos and shouts of “Bye” from the passengers.


The woman then stands up, flips her middle finger to the rest of the plane, and walks off with her traveling companion.


After the couple have left, a flight attendant can be seen dancing with joy.



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