VIDEO: Woman has mid-air meltdown claiming she’s a victim of human trafficking

VIDEO: Woman has mid-air meltdown claiming she’s a victim of human trafficking | Secret Flying

Woman clashes with flight attendants during a Southwest Airlines flight.


A female passenger engaged in a confrontation with Southwest Airlines flight attendants, loudly proclaiming herself a victim of human trafficking as she was escorted off the plane.


The one-minute clip shows the woman, donned in a black hoodie with sunglasses perched on her head, facing off with airline staff in the aisle. Shouting aggressively and pushing one female attendant, she exclaims, ‘They’re trying to put stuff on me. Get off. Get the f*** off. Get off, please!’


In response, the attendant warns, ‘Do not touch me,’ and calls for backup. Three attendants attempt to subdue the woman, who turns her attention to the person filming the incident, repeatedly shouting, ‘I am being human trafficked!’


Facing the attendants behind her, she raises her fists and makes a quick slicing motion, accidentally striking a nearby man on the back of his head.


As the scene unfolds, she continues to assert she is a victim of human trafficking, screaming ‘noooo’ as attendants restrain her, possibly to handcuff her.


According to social media commentators who said they were on board the plane, some passengers had to intervene, and the flight was on the way to Kansas City from New York.


The outcome of the incident after the woman was removed from the plane remains unclear, leaving uncertainty about the validity of her human trafficking claim.


This incident bears similarities to Tiffany Gomas’ viral plane meltdown in July, where she vehemently declared, ‘that mother f***er isn’t real,’ directed at another passenger as she exited the aircraft.


Gomas gained more than 100,000 followers on social media immediately following her incident.


The recent ‘plane lady’ incident sparked speculation that she may have drawn inspiration from Gomas, with some suggesting her behaviour was a ploy for attention and fame.


‘This is the new way to get fame since tmfinr,’ while another accused the woman of attempting to become ‘viral famous.’ Some speculated about possible drug involvement, suggesting that ‘the edibles kicked in,’ and a cautionary remark advised, ‘don’t do drugs, kids.’