Chicago to Beijing for only $671 Return

Fly one of United Airlines' longest non-stop flights in the world... Chicago to Beijing, China for only $671 return.

Boston to Istanbul, Turkey for only $511 Return

Ever wanted to step foot in the magnificent Blue Mosque or Hagia Sophia? Well here's your chance to fly with Turkish Airlines non-stop from Boston to Istanbul, Turkey for an incredible $511 return.

New York to Ecuador for only $380 Return

Fly from New York to Quito, Ecuador for only $380 return with United Airlines.

Vancouver to Beijing for $587 Return

Delta Airlines have some nicely priced flights from Vancouver, Canada to Beijing, China for $587 return. Currency is in USD.

American Airlines 24hr Mileage Run – 5574 Miles (5.4 Cpm)

For anybody enrolled on the American Airlines/oneworld frequent flyer program, we have a very nice mileage run for you which can be completed within 24hrs... Gain 5574 airmiles conveniently over a weekend for only $301

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