FUEL DUMP: Entire Fuel Surcharge dumped on USA to Japan flights with 3x strike

FUEL DUMP: Entire Fuel Surcharge dumped on USA to Japan flights with 3x strike | Secret Flying

Welcome to Secret Flying’s #FuelDumpFridays

Every other Friday we’ll provide hints to the best working fuel dumps.
You can then try and find theΒ strike using the newly re-released Secret Flying Fuel Dumping Tool.


If you do not know what Fuel Dumping is, please readΒ Fuel Dumping: the basics
This article is strictly for educational purposes only. Should you choose to book a fuel dumped ticket, Secret Flying bears no responsibility whatsoever.


This week’s Fuel Dump is a flight from New York to Tokyo, Japan.
By using a 3x strike, you can remove ALL of the ticket’s fuel surcharge:


 Flight deal ticket image.


In our image, you can see that Newark Airport to Tokyo’sΒ Narita International with Air Canada costs $1,162 roundtrip.
After adding a 3x strike to the itinerary, the total ticket price drops to $327.

The entire fuel surcharge component on the ticked is dumped.


The beauty of a 3x strike is that it takes place AFTER the main dumped flight and so does not have to be flown.


This dump is not exclusive to New York departures.
The 3x strike can also dump Air Canada flights departing many different US cities to Tokyo, Japan, including, but not limited to:

  • PDX
  • SFO
  • DTW
  • MSP
  • ORD
  • FLL
  • IAH
  • WAS
  • MCO
  • SEA
  • LAX
  • SLC
  • SEA


Before using theΒ Secret Flying Fuel Dumping ToolΒ to find the 3x strike, we recommend you first find the DUMPABLE Air Canada roundtrip flight.
Without knowing the candidate fare, it will be harder for you to find the dump on the tool – see here.


Happy hunting!!