Airline catering company now delivers in-flight meals to your home

Plane food delivered to your door.


An Israeli airline food company is now offering its in-flight meals to the general public as a low-cost delivery option.


The new revenue stream is an attempt by Tamam Kitchen, who normally caters for Turkish Airlines and El Al, to survive during the pandemic as travel demand slumps to record lows.


“We have to rethink and reinvent ourselves,” said Nimrod Demajo, vice president of operations at Tamam.


“We came up with this idea, and it was like, you know, like lightning strikes us. You stick it in the microwave, warm it up for five minutes, and then you have a meal.”


According to the company, a large portion of the home delivery customers are senior citizens who have been isolated at home for months and are looking for easy meals.


Spoon-bending illusionist Uri Geller endorsed the meals to his fans in a video message online.


While unpacking his vegetarian meal, he says: “Why not help a company in need?”


Meals for sale include fish cutlets in tomato sauce and couscous, sweet potato ravioli with green beans and black lentils, beef cutlets in mushroom sauce with rice topped with black beans, and chicken schnitzel bathed in a curry sauce.