Airlines ban alcohol on flights to prevent frequent toilet trips

Airlines ban alcohol on flights to prevent frequent toilet trips | Secret Flying

Airlines ban alcohol on flights in response to pandemic.


Airlines around the world are suspending all or part of their alcoholic drinks service in response to Covid-19.


Easyjet, KLM and Virgin Australia announced plans to cut out alcoholic beverages from their flights effective immediately.


American Airlines will limit alcohol depending on the length and destination of the flight.


Delta have announced a complete alcohol ban on domestic flights.Β A selection of beer, wine and spirits will only be made available on international flights.


British Airways will not be serving alcohol in its short-haul Euro Traveller cabin.


“Like all airlines, we had to make temporary adjustments to our on board catering while we worked on a new solution with our catering suppliers that follows guidance from regulators, minimizing interactions between our customers and crew,” British Airways said in a statement.


“As we navigate our way through these unprecedented times, we will continue to take advice from relevant authorities and incorporate this into the development of our on board experience.”


The main reasons behind the ban is toΒ minimise interaction between crew and passengers and also the number of passengers visiting the toilet.


Also if passengers do not have a drink in their hand, there is less reason for face masks to be taken off.


Ryanair has made no indication it will be banning alcoholic drinks, instead choosing to axe its hot drinks service.