Airlines launch ‘flights to nowhere’ for people itching to fly

Airlines launch ‘flights to nowhere’ for people itching to fly | Secret Flying

A new way of relief for those who want to fly.


The aviation industry has been forced to be inventive during the current global pandemic, with some airlines now offering flights that have no destination.


With many country borders shut to foreign visitors, some carriers are providing the in-flight experience without having to actually go anywhere.


Taiwan’s airlines has led the way with the new business model, however, some flights do not even take off.


Passengers can book themselves on board a China Airlines Airbus A330, which remains firmly parked at the gate.


To ensure customers receive the full airport experience, they undergoΒ security screening, identification inspection and other immigration clearance procedures in order to reach the plane.


For flights that do take off, EVA Air passengers can enjoy Taiwan’s northeast cape, followed by circling Japan’s Ryukyu Islands before returning home again.


Flight time is around two hours and 45 minutes.


Economy seats are selling for $180 while business class costs $213.


It’s no secret that European airlines are also exploring the idea, with British Airways looking intoΒ “air cruises.”


Air cruises will see travellers fly slowly over areas of special interest, such as Cairo’s Great Pyramids of Giza, while passengers receive an immersive running commentary.