Airlines warn of 50% higher fares with social distancing….and no alcohol

Airline travel in the post-coronavirus era will look very different experts say.


Airlines have warned that the Covid-19 pandemic could result in long-lasting change for the airline industry, including higher ticket prices and longer wait times at airports.


According to Alexandre de Juniac, head of the IATA (International Air Transport Association), fares will increase by 50% as airlines attempt to enforce social distancing.


Already many carriers have incorporated the blocked middle seat to ensure passengers remain a safe distance from one another.


However, IATA also argued that there is no guarantee that social distancing through a vacant middle seat would protect passengers against the spread of the virus.


Analysts estimate 1.5 billion fewer passengers will will fly this year compared to 2019, resulting in a revenue loss of $273 billion.


According to experts, in-flight meals will also look different once the pandemic is over. Magazines and paper menus will likely be gone along with in-flight alcohol.


Some airlines like Delta are encouraging its passengers to pack their own food in order to minimise the physical contact between them and the flight attendants.


Much like how the 9/11 terrorist attacks transformed security measures in 2001, the current pandemic is expected to revolutionise health protection procedures in airports and planes.