Alaska Airlines flight attendant saves girl from human trafficking

Alaska Airlines flight attendant saves girl from human trafficking | Secret Flying

An Alaska Airlines flight attendant is being hailed a hero after saving a young, teenage girl from human trafficking.


Shelia Frederick, aΒ flight attendant from Alabama,Β rescued a teenage girl from human traffickers by leaving her a secret note in the plane’sΒ lavatory.


The Alaska Airlines employee was suspicious of two passengers travelling together on her flight – a much older, “well dressed” man was seated next to a teenage girl looking “disheveled and out of sorts.”


When Frederick tried to make conversation with the pair, the girl wouldn’t look at her or respond to any questions. Instead, the man she was flying with answered everything. Suspecting that something was not right, Frederick signalled for the girl to go to the restroom, where she had left her a note asking her if she was okay. The girl wroteΒ on the note, β€œI need help.”


Frederick informed the pilot who alerted police on the ground. The man was arrested by local law enforcement officers when the plane landed in San Francisco.


The incident took place in 2011, however the reason it is being widely reportedΒ now is because a new training program is being launched for flight attendantsΒ to spot the signs of human trafficking.