Allegiant Airlines blasted for losing prosthetic leg for twelve days ruining passenger’s vacation

Allegiant Airlines blasted for losing prosthetic leg for twelve days ruining passenger’s vacation | Secret Flying

Airline returns passenger’s lost bag containing prosthetic leg after 12 days.


An Allegiant Airlines passenger was leftΒ traumatized after the carrier lost the bag containing her waterproof prosthetic leg, which she needed for activities on her beach vacation.


Emily Tuite, 26, of Texas, says spent her entire recent San Diego vacation on the phone with Allegiant in a desperate search to locate her bag.


Finally, after twelve days and her vacation over, the bag was found and reunited with Tuite.


“I spent almost every day of my 8-day trip stressed, worried, and trying to get information from Allegiant,’ she said.


“I couldn’t believe that it took 12 days to get my medical device back. It can take over a year to have a leg made. It’s not easy with insurance to have medical devices remade for you.


“I was like I need to do everything in my power to get the bag back somehow, so, yeah, I did a lot to get there.”


In a statement, Allegiant Airlines extended an apology to Tuite for the mishandling of her bag.


“Our system baggage team works around the clock to ensure customer issues are resolved,” an airline spokesperson said.


“We gave Ms. Tuite a refund in the amount of $60, which covers her baggage fees. In addition, we kindly asked Ms. Tuite to submit receipts for compensation and processing.”


Allegiant states on its website it will reimburse travellers with a mishandled bag for “reasonable non-excessive necessities,” like personal hygiene products and clothes.


Tuite said she found it disappointing the airline did not offer to cover the cost of her flight.


“My whole trip was spent on the phone trying to contact them,” Tuite said. “It’s frustrating to think that there’s no other compensation for losing someone’s medical device for 12 days.”


She said that for future trips she will be investing in Apple AirTag devices so she is able to keep tabs on her luggage herself.