American Airlines plane carrying Hillary Clinton makes U-turn after ‘smoke discovered’

An American Airlines flight with Hillary Clinton on board returned to the gate due to mechanical issues.


Hillary Clinton was onboard a flight on Sunday that suffered a mechanical issue and was forced to turn back to the gate.


American Airlines flight AA2144Β from New York’s LaGuardia Airport to Washington’s Reagan National Airport was preparing for takeoff when ground personnel noticed something was wrong.


According to reports, the pilot noticed the plane shake and smoke coming from the jet.


The aircraft turned back to the gate and upon closer inspection, metal debris was found on the tarmac.


The US Secret Service is reportedly looking into the incident.


Passengers were put on a different plane, which left approximately 1 hour 30 minutes later.


The former Secretary of State is currently travelling the world promoting β€˜The Book of Gutsy Woman’, which she wrote with her daughter Chelsea.