As the rest of Europe lives under lockdown, Sweden remains relatively normal

Why is Sweden not under lockdown?


Life in Sweden continues at a more normal pace, while other countries take extreme measures to slow the spread of coronavirus.


The Scandinavian country has taken a more relaxed approach allowing people to mingle almost as normal.


Standing at bars has been banned in the country, however, table service is perfectly okay.


According to reports, nightclubs remain open across all major cities and so are schools with students under 16 years old.


Although Sweden has 3,744 confirmed cases and 127 deaths from Covid-19 as of Monday morning, officials are of the view that keeping people mentally and physically healthy is essential.


In a televised address last week, Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Löfven said: “We who are adults need to be exactly that: adults. Not spread panic or rumours. No one is alone in this crisis, but each person has a heavy responsibility.”


Löfven insisted there is no need to emulate the extreme lockdown restrictions imposed in other European countries.


A poll found that a majority of Swedes watched and approved of the prime minister’s speech.


Erik, a teacher at a school in Stockholm, told CNBC Sunday that some colleagues were brushing off concerns saying, “It’s just the flu, I’m more worried about the start of the pollen season.”