Backpackers in Australia warned to stop partying in hostels

Backpackers have escaped penalty after they were spotted partying on the rooftop of a Sydney hostel.


Backpackers partying on the rooftop of a Sydney hostel were paid a visit by police after neighbours complained they were breaking quarantine rules.


Locals raised concerns over suspected breaches at a Kings Cross backpacker hostel at 7.15pm last night.


In video footage obtained by 7 News, a group of 11 revellers surrounded by cans and bottles can be seen clearly breaching the 1.5-metre social distancing rule.


New South Wales police confirmed officers attended the hostel, reminding staff and guests of their responsibilities.


According to reports, the partygoers argued they were all residents of the premises and so technically were not in breach of any quarantine rules.


“Police spoke to and reminded to management and guests of the social distancing obligations in accordance with ministerial directions under Public Health Act,” a police spokeswoman said.


New powers have been given to law enforcement to fine people up to $11,000 AUD for breaching quarantine rules.


Despite the threat of a hefty fine, parks and beaches throughout Australia still attract many sunbathers.


Shadow Treasurer Walt Secord voiced his displeasure at foreign visitors breaking the rules, saying: “If the international backpackers are still gathering in parks or having parties in their backyards, and breaking the social distancing laws, then they should feel the full brunt of the law.”


“I live in North Bondi and I do not want to see a friend or neighbour infected and possibly die due to the egotistical activity of an international backpacker.”