British Airways flight attendant suspended after peeling off her tights and sniffing them

A British Airways flight attendant has been suspended after a video emerged of her stripping off her tights and sniffing them.


A British Airways flight attendant has been suspended by the airline after a video of her sniffing her own tights was uncovered by a newspaper.


The bizarre clip begins with the unidentified woman telling the viewer to ignore how “rough” she looks after the journey.


“You want me to smell my shoes and tights,” she says, before removing her tights and claiming to have been wearing them all day “with no knickers”.


Burying her nose in the tights, she inhales before throwing them aside.


Holding up two pairs of shoes, she says: “I wasn’t sure what shoes you wanted me to smell, so I got both.”


The woman goes on to unbutton her blouse to reveal cleavage before blowing a kiss.


Although the reason behind the video is unclear, there is a growing trend for cabin crew selling worn tights and shoes to fetishists on eBay.


According to reports, used cabin crew tights can fetch up to $140.


British Airways confirmed a staff member had been suspended over the video.


“We hold our colleagues to very high standards and expect them to behave responsibly,” a spokesman said.


“When this doesn’t happen we will always take the appropriate action.”