British Airways to return A380 to service

British Airways to return A380 to service | Secret Flying

A380 coming back with British Airways.


British Airways is set to welcome back its first A380 aircraft next month and operate its biggest schedule since the Covid-19 pandemic began.


The airline will initially bring back four of its 12 A380s in November on flights to Miami and Los Angeles.


In December, the airline plans toΒ use more of the aircraft on its Dubai services.


While some carriers, such as Air France, have retired the superjumbo entirely, British Airways always made its intent clear that it will bring them back into service someday.


BA says it has now accelerated these plans in line with the US reopening its borders to European travellers at the start of November.


“This is an exciting time for British Airways and our customers as we see borders re-opening,” Neil Chernoff, BA director of network and alliances, said in a statement.


“With welcome news from the US, we are dramatically increasing flights and bringing home some of our A380s to give our customers as many options as possible.”


The A380 announcement comes alongside other expansion news, as British Airways is also bringing forward the restart of services to several other US cities in October and November, including Austin, Baltimore, Las Vegas, Orlando, San Diego and Tampa.


Nashville and New Orleans will follow in December.