British passenger accused of attacking American flight attendant in frustration over meal service

British passenger accused of attacking American flight attendant in frustration over meal service | Secret Flying

British businessman arrested after allegedly trying to storm cockpit.


A British passenger travelling on an American Airlines flight from Barbados to South Florida was arrested and charged with misdemeanour assault after allegedly becoming enraged over the standard of the flight crew’s service.


Robert Croizat, a British businessman who lives in the tax haven of Barbados, was arrested on suspicion of interference with flight crew after the pilots onboard flight AA1192 radioed ahead to report an onboard disturbance.


The complaint details that Croizat became extremely angry after he felt a flight attendant was not sufficiently respectful while telling him about his in-flight meal options. He was not upset with what was on the menu of the flight, but rather felt dissatisfied with the way in which they were presented to him.


Croizat claims the flight attendants “should have addressed him in a better way when giving him the choices for his meal,” reported The Daily Beast.


The Brit demanded to speak with the flight’s captain about what he felt was subpar service. But Croizat’s own issues would mount when he allegedly touched a third flight attendant and then pushed them twice in an alleged attempt to enter the cockpit.


Croizat then taunted a second flight attendant, then continued to “aggressively, demandingly, and loudly ordered the flight attendants to “get the Captain out here,” the complaint goes on.


In the midst of this altercation, Croizat “touched flight attendant 3,” the complaint states. When she told Croizat not to touch her, he pushed her twice, according to the complaint, which says Croizat “continued to persist in being belligerent and non-compliant.”


A passenger lifted Croizat and placed him in his seat in [an] attempt to restrain him, causing a glass of wine to spill.


He remained seated for the rest of the flight but “continu[ed] to complain to the flight attendants about the way he was treated.”


The complaint also states that flight attendant 2 strategically placed her serving cart in front of the cockpit door “to keep Croizat from making any further attempts to contact the Captain.”


Upon landing in Miami, Croizat was arrested.


Croizat is scheduled to plead guilty in Miami federal court to a misdemeanour charge of interference with a flight crew and assault, according to court records.