British passports are now being issued without the words ‘European Union’


British passports are now being issued without the words ‘European Union’ on the front.


The UK has begun issuing passports with the words “European Union” removed from the front cover, despite the country still remaining part of the bloc.


Passports introduced from March 30, the day after Britain was originally due to depart, no longer include references to the EU.


With uncertainty surrounding the Brexit process, it is unclear when or even if the UK will leave the European Union.


On Monday, British Prime Minister, Theresa May, warned that Brexit could “slip through our fingers” unless a cross-party compromise can be found.


The passport change has angered some recipients, who feel the move is premature with negotiations ongoing.


Susan Hindle Barone is among those who have shared images of their new passports on social media.


Writing on Twitter about the change, Susan said: “TRULY APPALLED. Picked up my new passport today – my old one expires in the next couple of months. See below: Spot the difference!”



UK home secretary, Sajid Javid, defended the move describing it as “sensible and efficient”.


The Home Office issued a statement saying the removal of the words “European Union” was part of a two-stage redesign process.


The second stage would culminate in the old blue British passports being reissued from “late 2019”.


The decision to bring back the old blue British passport became an emblem of the government’s promise to “take back control.”