Brits evacuated from China will be quarantined for 14 days

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British citizens being flown back to the UK will be put in quarantine for two weeks.


British citizens flown home from the Chinese city of Wuhan today will be put in quarantine for two weeks as a precaution against coronavirus.


The evacuation flight, staffed with RAF personnel and a team of army medics, departedΒ Wuhan at 9.45 AM local time on Friday, carrying 83 Britons and 27 EU citizens.


According to reports, the passengers will be taken to Arrowe Park Hospital, in Wirral, Merseyside,Β where they’ll be kept for 14 days.


Passengers were reportedly asked to sign a contract before they boarded the plane saying they agree to being placed in quarantine.


If anyone refused, they would be left behind in Wuhan.


British Health Secretary Matt Hancock tweeted: “We are working hard to get British nationals back from Wuhan. Public safety is the top priority.


“Anyone who returns from Wuhan will be safely isolated for 14 days, with all necessary medical attention.”


There are many reports of British citizens failing to reach the airport in time for the evacuation flight.


Some blamed confusing messages from officials, whilst others said there were no cars to take them as the city is under lock down.


The UK government initially said 200 people would be on board the flight, however, it only departed with 110.


Australia have also decided to quarantine its citizens.


600 Australian nationals will be held for two weeks on Christmas Island, 1,200 miles from the mainland.


Airlines from around the world have cancelled flights to China, as the global death toll on Friday reaches 213,Β up from 170 a day earlier.