HOT!! Non-stop from Buffalo to Tampa, Florida (& vice versa) for only $38 USD ($49 CAD) roundtrip

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Non-stop flights from Buffalo to Tampa, Florida for only $38 USD ($49 CAD) roundtrip.

Also works in reverse.


Due to the very close proximity between Buffalo and Canada, we have also placed this in the Canada Deals section.


Buffalo,Β USA


Tampa, USA


Buffalo, USA


Limited availability fromΒ November to December 2019

Example dates:


Buffalo – Tampa
20th Nov – 4th Dec
23rd Nov – 4th Dec
23rd Nov – 6th Dec
23rd Nov – 7th Dec


Tampa – Buffalo
4th-13th Dec
4th-14th Dec
6th-13th Dec
6th-14th Dec
7th-13th Dec
7th-14th Dec

possibly more…




Frontier Airlines




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