SUMMER, XMAS & NEW YEAR: Business Class from South Africa to Uruguay for only $178 USD one-way (or $448 USD roundtrip) (May-Feb dates)

Flight deals from Cape Town, South Africa to Montevideo, Uruguay | Secret Flying
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Business Class, summer, Christmas and New Year flights from Cape Town, South Africa to Montevideo, Uruguay for only $178 USD one-way.

Or fly roundtrip for $448 USD.


Cape Town, South Africa


Montevideo, Uruguay


Cape Town, South Africa


Availability from May 2020 to February 2021

Example dates:


One-way: $178
3rd, 5th, 26th, 27th Jul
3rd, 5th, 9th, 17th, 23rd, 26th, 28th Aug
16th, 20th, 27th, 30th Sep
7th, 16th, 18th, 21st Oct
1st, 8th, 11th, 13th Nov
13th, 23rd, 27th Dec
18th, 22nd Jan


Roundtrip: $448-$462
20th-30th May
24th May – 3rd Jun
25th May – 4th Jun
27th May – 6th Jun
3rd-13th Jun
5th-15th Jun
8th-18th Jun
13th-23rd Jun
15th-25th Jun
17th-27th Jun
19th-29th Jun
21st Jun – 1st Jul
28th Jun – 8th Jul
29th Jun – 9th Jul
1st-11th Jul
3rd-13th Jul
5th-15th Jul
6th-16th Jul
8th-18th Jul
10th-20th Jul
15th-25th Jul
19th-29th Jul
22nd Jul – 1st Aug
24th Jul – 3rd Aug
26th Jul – 5th Aug
31st Jul – 10th Aug
3rd-13th Aug
10th-20th Aug
14th-24th Aug
17th-27th Aug
19th-29th Aug
21st-31st Aug
24th Aug – 3rd Sep
26th Aug – 5th Sep
31st Aug – 10th Sep
4th-14th Sep
7th-17th Sep
9th-19th Sep
11th-21st Sep
16th-26th Sep
20th-30th Sep
21st Sep – 1st Oct
23rd Sep – 3rd Oct
30th Sep – 10th Oct
2nd-12th Oct
5th-15th Oct
12th-22nd Oct
16th-26th Oct
18th-28th Oct
19th-29th Oct
21st-31st Oct
23rd Oct – 2nd Nov
25th Oct – 4th Nov
26th Oct – 5th Nov
28th Oct – 7th Nov
31st Oct – 10th Nov
1st-11th Nov
6th-16th Nov
8th-18th Nov
11th-21st Nov
13th-23rd Nov
16th-26th Nov
21st Nov – 1st Dec
23rd Nov – 3rd Dec
25th Nov – 5th Dec
29th Nov – 9th Dec
2nd-12th Dec
4th-14th Dec
6th-16th Dec
7th-17th Dec
9th-19th Dec
11th-21st Dec
14th-24th Dec
16th-26th Dec
20th-30th Dec
23rd Dec – 2nd Jan
25th Dec – 4th Jan
27th Dec – 6th Jan
1st-11th Jan
4th-14th Jan
6th-16th Jan
8th-18th Jan
11th-21st Jan
15th-25th Jan
17th-27th Jan
18th-28th Jan
22nd Jan – 1st Feb
24th Jan – 3rd Feb
27th Jan – 6th Feb

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