Californian man sneaks pet opossum onto United flight after JetBlue removed him

Californian man sneaks pet opossum onto United flight after JetBlue removed him | Secret Flying

A passengerΒ claims he was left stranded for four days after he was kicked off a JetBlue flight for travelling with an opossum.


A Californian man found himself removed from a JetBlue flight after staff became aware of his pet opossum.


Gerald Tautenhahn was flying fromΒ Austin to Long Beach, CA when he was kicked off the flight by cabin crew.


“We boarded the plane to go home and after a 30 minute delay, a JetBlue employee had me get off the plane and said I couldn’t fly,” read a caption onΒ Tautenhahn’s Instagram page.


“After 3 hours on the phone with JetBlue they told me to rent a car and drive back to CA.”


In a statement, the airline said: “JetBlue gladly accepts small dogs and cats only in an approved pet carrier. On the customer’s return trip, our crew members in Austin witnessed the opossum come out of its carrier and saw that it was not a cat or dog.


“The crew members informed the customer that the opossum would not be able to travel on the flight and worked to assist the customer with his options.”


Tautenhahn says he was stuck in Austin for four days before JetBlue re-booked him. However, when airline employees discovered he still hadΒ the opossum, he was booted a second time.


According to reports,Β Tautenhahn then booked himself on a United flight where he hid his pet from the flight attendants and successfully returned home.


Tautenhahn explained to a news station that hisΒ opossum is “the best pet ever” because she “sleeps 20 hours a day”.


Owners need a special permit to have an opossum as a pet since they are meant to be in the wild.