Chicago, USA to Hong Kong for only $552 Return

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Cheap flights from Chicago, USA to Hong Kong for only $552 return with American Airlines.


Chicago, USA


Hong Kong


Chicago, USA


AvailabilityΒ fromΒ October to November 2015

Example dates:
25th Oct – 2nd Nov
25th Oct – 4th Nov
25th Oct – 6th Nov
5th-11th Nov
5th-13th Nov
5th-16th Nov
7th-16th Nov
7th-18th Nov
8th-14th Nov
8th-16th Nov
8th-20th Nov
9th-16th Nov
10th-20th Nov
14th-23rd Nov
15th-21st Nov
15th-25th Nov

and more…




American Airlines




Click the screenshot image below for the 26th Oct – 2nd NovΒ date.
For other dates follow these instructions…


To book a differentΒ date, visit the Google FlightsΒ site and enter one of the example dates listed above.
Take note of the flight numbers (e.g. AA270) and the specific date of each individualΒ flight.
Now, double-click the URL below to highlight it, thenΒ copy and paste onto a blank Word document.
Replace the blue sections with your new flight numbers and dates.
When you have finished, copy and paste your new URL into your web browser:





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