China finally bans pilots from smoking in cockpit


China has implemented a law banning pilots from smoking in the cockpit on all domestic flights.


Pilots and cabin crew can no longer smoke in the cockpits on domestic flights in China.


The Civil Aviation Administration of China issued a notice this week issuing a notice banning all in-flight smoking with immediate effect.


Those caught smoking will now face a 12-month suspension for a first offence, and 36 months if they’re a repeat offender.


Safety concerns were raised after an Air China pilot recently turned off the plane’s air conditioning mid-flight to hide the smell of his electronic cigarette on a flight from Hong Kong to Dalian.


This resulted in insufficient oxygen levels in the cabin and caused oxygen masks to drop from the ceiling.


“If heavy smokers among the passengers can forgo their habit during flights, there is no reason to make the crew an exception, especially since they are responsible for the safety of all on board,” Zhang Qihuai, a Beijing lawyer specialising in civil aviation, told